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Curry house to save the world, vegan keema curry export

Curry family who saves the SDGs alternative meat world

Damage caused by global warming is increasing all over the world.
It is said that about 15% of the total greenhouse gas emissions are from livestock farming, and we aim to promote the use of plant-based [alternative meat] instead of meat to develop an eco-friendly food culture.

Our Social Contribution Initiatives

Contribute to health maintenance by providing safe meals
Participation in the Economic Decision-Making Process by Female Business Owners
Work to reduce CO2, the cause of global warming
We will contribute to reducing CO2 emissions from livestock, which is a factor in increasing CO2, by using meat alternatives.
Contribute to building sustainable partnerships by providing a franchise system

Message from the President

When I was still working at my previous job, I was not only busy from work but I also had to raise three children.
I was exhausted from the days of being piled up with work and with the responsibility of raising children that I could only trust myself to do properly. Around that time, I had to go to the hospital because I had problems with my appetite.
My hands were rough and my fingers were scratched, while my face became dry and irritated. In fact, it became so bad that I couldn’t even use makeup! Nevertheless, there was no way I could take a break from work, so I continued to push my body to its limits for my job.
The cook who made meals for the staff at that time told me a plate of curry would do my body good, and it was then, while I was slowly eating, that I felt like my body was already changing.
The problems I had with my complexion gradually got better.
I started to eat more of the food that I lacked an appetite for, and I was able to manage eating three small meals a day. Needless to say, I was surprised by how my body was changing.
When I took a closer look at the curry's recipe, I found that it mostly had vegetables in it, along with ingredients that help with digestion, a lot of vitamins and calcium, and more than ten kinds of spices. I learned that it was a very low-calorie meal that had a lot of benefits for my body.
That was when I first thought of sharing my amazing experience with curry with the world and when I wanted more people to try it themselves.

Vegan Keema Curry helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions produced from livestock farming and curbs global warming.

We are continuing to see the effects of global warming on our planet. It is has been reported that livestock produces about 15% of all greenhouse gas emissions
Made based on the basic principles of the SDGs, The Meat alternatives that are attracting more attention in the media produce only around 1% of the CO2 produced by cattle, and they are likely to grow into indispensable products for society.
The product is not heat treated like retort curry, so you rest assured that the benefits of the ingredients aren't lost.
This delicious food product can be enjoyed as a health food, and in places like hospitals and nursing homes.
Indo Tei curry has been around for 30 years since its establishment in Nagoya. It is made mostly of vegetables and promotes digestion.
It is rich in vitamins and calcium and contains more than 10 kinds of spices. It is an ultra-low-calorie health food, at only 54 Kcal per 100g.