Company Profile

Our Company Philosophy

“Pursue the material and spiritual happiness of all employees, and also contribute to the development of food culture.”

In the current social climate, values such as work styles and lifestyles are undergoing major changes. We aim to develop food culture while responding to these changes, and aim to be an "indispensable presence to society," and strive to provide "honest, fresh, safe, and delicious" meals.
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In addition, vegan curry developed based on the SDGs aims to actively address social issues such as greenhouse gases and food shortages, and contribute to the development of global food culture.

"Food Safety Policy"

  • (1)Will, Inc. will strive to provide fresh, safe, and delicious food with "integrity and honesty" in order to contribute to the development of food culture.
  • (2)We are aware that we are a member of the food chain that processes and supplies food products, and we will give first priority to the safety of products supplied through our company, and we will gain the satisfaction and trust of our customers by introducing and implementing a food safety management system.
  • (3)We comply with legal and customer requirements related to food safety.
  • (4)To realize this policy
    • 1.Promote communication within the company
    • 2.Set food safety goals every year and aim to achieve them
    • 3.Review the food safety management system and continuously monitor its adequacy

Date of Enactment July 2, 2023

Makiko Baba, President and Representative Director Will Co.

"Business description"

Manufacture and sale of frozen curry
Cricket curry and vegan curry OEM manufacturing


October 2021
Started selling curry to restaurants as a franchise headquarters.
May 2023
Started manufacturing and selling curry for retail.
September 2023
Started sales of curry for export.
April 2025
Curry restaurant to be exhibited at Osaka Expo

"Products and Services"

Various Gifts
Indo-tei Curry, Indo-tei Butter Masala Curry, Indo-tei Spinach Curry, Indo-tei Coconut Curry, Indo-tei Black Sesame Curry, Indo-tei Red Chili Curry

"Facility Overview"

main office
1-722 Higashiajima, Kita-ku, Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture
Kasugai factory
1342-1 Otemachi, Kasugai City, Aichi Prefecture
Company name
Will Co., Ltd.
1-722 Higashiajima, Kita-ku, Nagoya
October 1, 2021
20 million yen
number of employees
10 people
board member
CEO Makiko Baba